This bed

We used to sleep on this bed

this is used to be our favorite spot

to cuddled

to kissed

to make love.


We used to shared stories on this bed

we sometimes had a sleepless night



playing and jumping

like we were kids.


We used to be happy back then

Now, seeing this bed that

we used to do crazy things

Its hurting me

Its killing me


I don’t want this bed anymore

knowing that this bed

is where you used to

cheat on me.


© 2017 JCF – All rights reserved

Photo credit: Cristina Altieri



Here comes the sunset

and the darkness began to take its place

the tranquility of the night

that wants my body to rest

In this soft mattress

where i lay down

my system began to shut down

my eyes closes gradually

and every thing started to fade away

With a dim light

in a cold night

the sound of music that cradled me

My soul ramble

and i found you in a secret place

© 2017 JCF – All rights reserved

Just don’t 


don’t look at me

don’t let your eyes met mine

nor your lips touch mine

don’t take me to your bed

nor wrap your arms around me

don’t ask me to spend the night

nor make love with you until the sun rise.


don’t say a word

you can lie

but you can’t love me

yes i know you don’t

you’ve hurt me many times

you’ve broke my heart into pieces

i almost die


So please

just don’t 

‘coz i can’t say no to you.


© 2017 JCF – All rights reserved



I’m stuck

stuck in your heart

like a bird in a cage

locked with chain

that no matter how much i try to escape

i just couldn’t…

I wish i am strong enough to break your heart.

©2017 JCF – All rights reserved.

This chair

pizap (2)

Every day,

i am sitting on this chair

holding a pen and a piece of paper

thinking about you

writing every spilled words

coming out from my head

words that perfectly describes

how much i love you.

Every day,

i am sitting on this chair

holding a pen and a piece of paper

reminiscing the past we’ve shared

i want to write every thing about us

our sweets and sucks,

just to remind me

that there was once you

whom i loved

when my memory totally forgets the past.


i’m sitting on this chair

holding a pen

staring blankly on a piece of paper

and i can’t remember you at all.

© 2017 JCF- All rights reserved.

Late night thoughts||Boracay

Hi there.. and Hello May! Time flies so fast.. It’s summer! I can already feel the heat of the sun burnin’ my skin. Anyway, did you guys have had your summer vacation? Huhu! I’m envy. I can’t have a vacation. Damn! If i could only choose summer get away over my Boss. But that’s okay. Maybe next time. I’ll just keep myself busy reading books, writing spilled words and pretend that i am a workaholic person while my friends are beaching, having wine and everything.

Since its first day of the month, i’m gonna make the first entry of my Late Night Thoughts.

BORACAY! I kept on thinking of boracay these days until now. I think, i badly need a vitamin sea. What makes me want to comeback in a paradise like boracay is the place. Its where you forget the heart aches and things that occupied your mind. Its like a place where you escape from darker side of this world.

I’ve been there for the first time two years ago. And i’ll tell you what, it was amazing! We attended the  event “laboracay” that happens every year of May. It’s a non stop beach party. There are different live bands coming from manila to perform. Known celebrities and Dj’s were also there. So if you are a party goer, try to experience laboracay. Im pretty sure you’ll enjoy it.

We stayed for 3 days in Surfer’s Home located in Bulabog beach. It’s near the ocean and you can see few people on the area. Mostly surfers. The air is nice and the place is peaceful and quiet. It was actually a nice place to stay if you want some alone time for writing and reading and thinking. Were glad we made a reservation there, its the cheapest place to stay. Simple and clean. If you want to see the crowd, its just a walking distance to a station for a nonstop parties, great foods and tiangges to buy something like souvenirs.

I’d like to share more of my experience in boracay hopefully but i think i don’t have much time to do that. Time check 0310H. Shocks!  I need to go to bed now. I still have work later. Promise next time, i’ll share to you my good memories in boracay. Bye for now! 🙂

Now i know

pizap (1)

I didn’t know how happy you are when you had me into your life,
 until I had my own.
I didn’t know how sad you are when I’m away,
 until I missed him when I’m not home.
I didn’t know how pissed you are every time I don’t behave myself,
until he doesn’t behave as much as I do.
I didn’t know how mad you are every time I lied,
until he lied to me too.
I didn’t know how much pain I’ve caused you every time I yell and answered stupid things,
until he does the same way as I do.
I didn’t know how you felt mom…
Until I felt the same way as you do.


Halos isang taon na, hindi ka parin nawala sa isip ko. Pinipilit kong limutin ka pero hindi ko magawa. Kahit itanggi ko sa iba yung nararamdaman ko para sayo. Hindi ko kayang lokohin ang sarili ko. Ikaw at ikaw parin ang sinisigaw ng puso.

Mahal parin kita hanggang ngayon.
Katulad ng pangako ko sayo noon,
kailan ma’y hindi ito napako.

Nalungkot ako nong nawala ka
Mag isa ako at walang makasama
Kung pwede lang sanang ibalik muli
Ngaunit hindi na maaari pagka’t ang puso mo’y pag aari na ng iba.

Mga alaala mo gusto ko ng kalimutan
Pero kahit saan sulok man ako tumingin ikaw ang nakikita.
Hanggang pangarap na lang siguro ang maging akin kang muli.
Hanggang pangarap na lang ang maging tayo sa huli.

Dahil mahal kita

Kumusta na ba ang puso mong labis na nasaktan noon?
Nghilom na ba ang mga sugat nito?
Bakit tila yata’y malungkot parin?
Nakatingin sa malayo.
Mga luhang pilit mo tinatago.
Batid ko ang sakit na nadarama mo.
Nasan na ang saya?
Mga ngiti mong tila’y naglaho na.
Tama na yan. Andito naman ako.
Imulat ang mga mata, at ako nama’y pansinin mo.
Isang katulad ko na dati pa nagmamahal sayo.
Aaminin ko na ba itong lihim na nararamdaman?
Nag aalinlangan sabihin sayo baka ako’y iyong iwasan.
Ngunit ako’y nahihirapan ng nakikita kang ganyan.
Bahala na nga, sige na nga, sasabihin ko na yung totoo ko nararamdaman.
Baka sakaling mahalin mo rin ang isang katulad ko.
Halika, isandal mo ang ulo sa aking balikat.
Andito lang ako para sayo..nagmamahal.
Kung gusto mo umiyak, sige lang. Ng mabawasan ang sakit ng iyong nararamdaman.
Pero pangako mo huli na yan,
hindi na ko papayag na patuloy  ka nasasaktan…
Dahil Mahal kita.


When i was a little girl, i love to see a butterflies.
I love to see a butterflies flying around every corner of our room,
in our living room
in our dinning room
even in our kitchen.
I love to see butterflies flying in our garden
Flitting from flower to flower
in daisy’s and roses.
I love to see butterflies in different colors
There’s a white, brown, yellow and blue
my favorite of all .
Every time i see a butterflies flying around
I tried to catch them
wishing i could touch them,
hold them.
I want a butterfly on my index finger
gaze her and tell her how beautiful her wings.
I love to see a butterflies.
Sometimes i wish i am a butterfly
so i could just spread my wings and fly
Fly as high in the sky.
Sometimes i wish i am a butterfly
so i am free,
free to go where i want to be
One day, i had catch a butterfly
a blue butterfly and she was so beautiful.
She landed on my curtains, and slowly, i caught her with my bare hands.
I touched her wings, it was smooth and thin.
Oh, i love this butterfly.
I couldn’t let her go.
It makes me sad letting her go.
I put her on a jar
she stayed there for an hour
she wanted to fly
but she couldn’t.
She can no longer fly.
Every part of her wings started losing its scales
Every part of her wings are like ashes on my fingertips.
Now she couldn’t fly and little by little the butterfly died.
I love to see a butterflies.
..a butterfly that use to be flying around every corner of my room
in our living room
in our dinning room
even in the kitchen
a butterfly that used to be flying around in our garden
Flitting from flower to flower
and in daisy’s and roses.
a blue butterfly that no longer exist
in my hands she had her last breath.